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Available Services

Intravenous Therapy

Sometimes we need extra support that oral supplementation will not cover. However, an initial consultation is required as IV Therapy may not be necessary for everyone.

Now offering IRON infusions.

Nutrition and Supplementation

 Food and nutrition are vital to our well-being. Since everyone has unique dietary habits and concerns, no specific diet will be right for everyone. Learn to optimize your diet while using supplements only when needed.


Acupuncture can help stimulate the body's natural healing properties.


Mental and emotional health is deeply engrained in our physical health. Counselling may uncover an emotional link to your health concerns.


Homeopathy uses the idea that "like cures like" in which homeopathic medicines are used based on your unique symptoms and characteristics. 

Diagnostic Testing

Testing can include conventional serum (blood work) as well as functional tests. Functional tests can include saliva and urine hormone testing, food sensitivity testing and many more.  

Botanical Medicine

Botanical medicine is a great way to add phytonutrients that can support your body. Many drugs we use today are based on plant components! 

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